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Resveratrol may reduce weight gain-just in time for the Holidays!!

News from Cristiana Paul – Holiday survival tips

You are receiving this newsletter because you one of my friends or clients or have inquired into my website as a result of reading my interview chapters in Knockout-Doctors that Cure Cancer or Breakthrough-8 Steps to Wellness  by Suzanne Somers. Those of you who have only read either book, should know that my interview chapters in both books are posted on my website.

If you read these chapters, you realize that there are many supplements that are powerful in supporting optimal health and vitality, weight loss, hopefully slowing down the aging process and reducing risk of cancer and other avoidable diseases.

I am excited to share with you new research about resveratrol and weight control!  It is not quite like “having your cake and eating it too” but resveratrol may slightly reduce the effect of excess calorie consumption and also make fat loss efforts more efficient. How does it do this?

Resveratrol may help reduce weight gain and support fat loss in the following ways:

  1. Stimulating an increase in the fat burning centers of the cells (called mitochondria). The more furnaces we have the more fuel we can burn.
  2. Stimulating fat release from the fat cells. That way you have a better chance of making stored fat available to be burned.
  3. Reducing the conversion of excess carbohydrates into fat, which may easily get stored if we are not active enough.
  4. Reduce levels of the hormone insulin which “tells” the body to store fat.

Most importantly, one study showed that resveratrol reduced some of the detrimental effect of being overweight and eating excess calories when it comes to liver or heart damage, and also reduced risk of diabetes (by reducing blood glucose and  insulin)

In addition, we have heard from many sources, and I elaborated in my book chapters, how resveratrol may promote longevity and reduce the risk of diseases that increase with aging, such as cancer, brain degeneration, cardiovascular events or inflammatory diseases (for ex. arthritis or auto-immune).

I recommend Resveratrol Synergy , which I offer on my website, a powerful natural synergistic combination formula of resveratrol and quercetin. Quercetin was also shown to support fat burning and have anti-cancer effects.

After talking about so many different supplements many of you have asked me what do I take myself, what are the most important ones at the end of the day, and I will be happy to share with you in future newsletters but I can tell you that Resveratrol is high on my priority list.

Here are some more smart supplements you can use to support your metabolism and health:

  1. FILL UP AHEAD!!  I recommend a fiber supplement called PaleoFiber which is available in powder or capsules. When taken with plenty of water before meals, it can reduce your appetite, minimize the absorption of the calories you eat and reduce insulin and cholesterol. It will also speed up the stool transit time, which will reduce bloating, gas and excess calorie absorption.
  2. MAKE UP FOR EXCESS! Do some “skinny” meal replacements to make up for special event meals during this season. These can be done with WheyCool in a tasty protein shake or a PaleoBar or Cocommune Bar (these make a healthy stocking stuffer!).  These compensator snack/meal replacements can be a great way to make up for excess calories and the “special” foods and drinks that are sometimes unavoidable during this season.

Here are my eating strategy tips for reducing the unfavorable effects from the occasional “holiday treat” (typically high in sugar, carbohydrates and calories).
We are all tempted by the goodies served during the holiday season. If you are very hungry, you will be much more likely to overeat. Here are a few common sense strategies that will help you:

  1. Make sure you eat a balanced protein meal or snack every 3-4 hours, because if you go longer than that without eating protein you may get ravenous and compulsive. This will also support a healthy mood and maximum brain function.
  2. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, this will also reduce your hunger and cravings and keep your body running efficiently.
  3. At parties you will want to taste everything. Start with the protein foods since they are more satisfying and you will end up eating less overall.
  4. Pace yourself and eat slowly, chewing thoroughly, so your stomach has a chance to give you strong signals of satisfaction. You will enjoy the food more and feel satisfied with less.

It may be just too hard to lose weight during the holidays. Let’s just focus on enjoying the season and maintaining weight. We can plan for special programs of weight-loss and/or detoxification after the first of the year.

Happy holidays to you and I hope that you do your best to defend your health in the face of the many tasty temptations around you !!!

To Health and Vitality!

Cristiana Paul, MS Nutrition
Nutrition research and education

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