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Cristiana Paul holds a Masters in Nutrition Science from Cal Poly Pomona, California and has extensive experience in clinical practice and reviewing nutrition research. She has been formulating nutritional supplements and integrative medicine protocols for 15 years. Always with a vision that puts her clients ahead of the curve, she initiated and promoted many paradigm shifts in the field of nutrition, many related to the natural and biodentical forms of vitamins, essential fatty acids or conditionally essential supplements.

She is a contributor to the 2012 edition of Textbook of Natural Medicine (edited by Joseph Pizzorno & Michael Murray) with a chapter review on vitamin K1, K2, K3 and one on long chain omega-3 fatty acids. She was on the editorial board of Journal of American Nutraceutical Association, a peer-reviewed journal on nutraceutical interventions and is a contributor to the think tank Gerontological Research Group.

She has lectured for healthcare practitioner seminars in US and internationally on various topics such as: metabolic determinants of body composition, optimizing immunity, anti-aging interventions and new concepts in dietary proteins. In her published medical/nutritional journal articles and interviews, she addressed topics for which she is considered an expert: paradigm shift in Vitamin K applications, mechanisms of actions for natural anti-inflammatories versus pharmaceutical drugs, nutraceutical interventions for managing hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, healthy aging, arterial calcification, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, skin health, erectile dysfunction, fertility, PCOS, menopause, fat loss, Paleo diet concepts and objective testing for nutritional status.

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Cristiana Paul, M.S. Nutrition


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New Audio Interviews:

Nutritionist Cristiana Paul,MS reviews with Koren Barrett,ND nutritional and herbal interventions for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Nutritionist Cristiana Pau,MSl reviews with Koren Barrett,ND nutritional and herbal interventions for PMS.

Nutritionist  Cristiana Paul,MS  reviews with Koren Barrett,ND nutritional and herbal interventions for menopause.

Nutritionist  Cristiana Paul,MS  reviews with Koren Barrett,ND nutritional and lifestyle support  for successful conception.

Nutritionist  Cristiana Paul,MS is interviewed about her review on newly recognized benefits of vitamin K for reversing arterial calcification and osteoporosis, cancer risk reduction and treatment , and many other clinical application.



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Cristiana Paul is a contributor to the Textbook of Natural Medicine with reviews of Vitamin K (K1,K2 and K3) and Fish Oil